Month: May 2008


Over our lives the 4 of us have not always gotten along. I have shared rooms with each of my brothers for different amounts of time. We have fought of who took my CDs and how much of the room was who’s. we have fought over who made the mess and who is responsible for […]


When Billy was an infant I had a very large brandy snifter next to the bed that had a fish or two in it. Billy was fascinated with it and I often asked him if he saw the fishy. Before lone he was saying fishy or fish. Before he was able to roll over or […]

New Home #1

We wanted to live nearer to Pine Grove the drive was a pain. Daddy asked us if we wanted to buy the Scheib home in Tremont. I was so excited! My grandfather built the home with the help of my Dad. It had 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a room that could be a dining […]