Over our lives the 4 of us have not always gotten along. I have shared rooms with each of my brothers for different amounts of time. We have fought of who took my CDs and how much of the room was who’s. we have fought over who made the mess and who is responsible for cleaning it up. However, there is one time – about a year, where things were awesome!!!

On the 1st of August [1997] Mimi & Papa signed papers for their first home & the first house that any of us remember living in that was not owned by the Army or Grandma Scheib. That was the Churchill House. There was a very large bedroom and then a normal sized bedroom on one side of the house [with the main bathroom].

This is the bedroom and time that I enjoyed the most! David, Michael, and I shared the larger bedroom while Rob [the recent RM] got his own room. It was very common for the 4 of us to be in the bathroom at the same time. Yes, you read that right.

For example, I would be in the shower and someone else on the toilet and someone brushing their teeth/combing their hair and the last was there for conversation or waiting for one the facilities. This was a great time for us; we got along great and had lots of fun.

I often reflect on those days with joy and happiness. When I miss my brothers and have a hard time – I think of that year in the Churchill House.

I am thankful for my brothers and the bond we share.


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