Month: June 2008

Never say Never

I was due the next morning to have Bobby. Papa was working night shift. I asked aunt D to come stay with me. She said no way because you are due to have your baby. I reminded her that Billy did not come for two weeks after his due date. Then I told her no […]

No Smoking!

When I was 13 I had a boyfriend named Jose. Jose and his friend smoked all the time. My friend Nancy and I started to smoke when we started to be their girlfriends. One day Nancy and I were in her bathroom with the fan on and the window open having a cigarette when I […]


At Papa’s request the missionaries did call. I would say I am not interested and hang up. I don’t have a clue how many times that happened. I did not even feel bad about it. But Papa did. He and I fought over it. Then one morning they called just as he got in from […]

Feeling GOOD

I was enjoying motherhood! I was possessive of my son and would not allow anyone to interfere with how I wanted him raised. As a result I often hurt my mother, sisters and mother in law. For that I am sorry but maybe not enough – if I had to do it over again I […]