Month: July 2008

David & Wil

One of my favorite memories of David and I happens to be in the “boat” in San Angelo. We would sing hymns everywhere we went. Sometimes he didn’t remember all the words so I had to sing louder because I was holding the hymnal. Music has always been a passion in my life but I […]

I did already share Robert Franklin’s birth but one thought to add. After having a towel in my pants and sitting on one all the way to the hospital I rarely ever complained about sanitary pads again. I leaked water all the way there and through my exam.

Singing @ Work

Last night I helped at our chapel doing some clean up. It was an Elder’s Quorum activity and we had some food when the work was completed. This reminded me of a time I did service with David in California. I don’t remember if other members of the family went with us, I think is […]

Mine Kinder 1

My first Sonshine,William Kerry. I have already told the story of # 2 birth. So here is the story of #1 I was due the day after Christmas. By the 24 I was sure I would spend Christmas in the hospital. Then by the 27th I was convinced that I had a tumor and was […]

Pancakes Anyone?

When I was about 11 years old Mimi let me make pancakes by myself. This was not a good idea, I ended up adding 4 tablespoons of baking soda [or powder]. This resulted in 4 gallons of pancake batter. 4 gallons you exclaim! Yes. Because of our financial position at that time it was better […]

An Elephant never forgets

Ahhhh yes the fruitstand man. I wish I could remember his name. Dink and I took the kinder to see my old neighborhood after getting a passport for baby #5. I showed them the apartments we lived in when I was a child. Told many stories and then went to see if the fruitstand was […]

The Fruit Truck

Yesterday, I was taking Little Man to the store with me and we saw a produce truck. It reminded me of a faint memory of a fruit stand. When I was around the age of 8, Mimi & Papa took us to Munich, Germany to show us where she lived when her dad [Grandpa Scheib] […]