Friendship Starter

2 c unbleached all-purpose flour
2 c warm water
1 package active dry yeast
2 c milk
2 c unbleached all-purpose flour
2 c sugar

Day 1: In glass or ceramic bowl, combine first 3 ingredients thoroughly. Leave on counter uncovered; don’t refrigerate.
Day 2, 3 and 4: Stir well with wooden spoon.
Day 5: Stir and add 1 c milk, 1 c flour, and 1 c sugar. This is called feeding the starter.
Day 6, 7, 8: Stir with wooden spoon.
Day 9: Stir and add another 1 c milk, 1 c flour, and 1 c sugar. Stir well.
Day 10 & 11: Stir well.
Day 12: Ladle 1 c starter into each of 4 containers and refrigerate. Use one to make the bread recipe that follows, keep one for your use another time, and give two others to friends. (If you’re making the cake, you’ll need 2 c for the recipe.) Date the jars and every 10 days remove the starter from the refrigerator, transfer it to a bowl and feed it the usual combination of 1 c each of milk, flour and sugar. Leave it outside the refrigerator uncovered for 2 days, then either bake it or divide it among friends and always save some for yourself.

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