I had Yvonne, DA, KL, BK as attendants. BK was more like a flower girl. I bought all the dresses. I found dresses that were my fall colors on clearance and they fit my sisters and friend. How blessed is that. I bought my wedding dress as well. I don’t remember what happened to it. At one time I wanted to save it for a daughter. But since I expect them both to be sealed in a temple I would not expect them to wear it even if I knew where it was.

We had live flowers and in the center of my bouquet there was a brown “YELLOW” rose. I don’t know if it was frozen or just was dying or what but I hated it. But the show does go on. I threw it anyway in the end.

I hand wrote all the invitations. I think there was close to 300. (We had probably at least 100 show up.) Papa helped me address all the envelopes. We were seriously into cutting cost. We got a “hall” with chairs set up but no tables I will never forget because I got chewed out about it by one of Papa’s aunts who worried about dropping food on her new dress. The food was catered but the menu was simple and the cheapest one we could find. It must have been good because it got eaten up in spite of no tables. I don’t remember eating much. As a mater of fact Papa and I went and got something to eat before going to our room.

We had the traditional dance with the bride for a dollar. I have no idea how much we made but I know how tired I was – I fell asleep way to fast for a wedding night. Of course the mint liquor on the ice cream dessert after some wine at the reception probably helped put me out.

I was also overtired. Daughters turn everything over to someone else. Don’t do it all yourselves on this important day.

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