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Life of a Seagull

I have been using Audible for ‘reading’ books. I recently remember reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull when I was much younger and I found a synopsis of the book. It brought back several memories and I think that it was the catalyst for my driven focused pursuit of self control. I am going to get another […]


What is it about February that I have been craving scones? Oh yea – doughnut day. I remember my Mom making doughnuts every February the day before Ash Wednesday. Well I closed out the month making a huge batch of scones for me and the kids – grandkids. The only thing that would have made […]

Christmas Past, Christmas Present

Family traditions! What makes a tradition the desire to repeat it over and over. When the children were small Papa and I loved candles. We often had lit candles all over the house. On tables and in wall sconces. On Christmas eve after feasting on lasagna we would gather in the living room with tapered […]


One of my favorite Thanksgivings was one of the years we were living in Erlangen in the neighborhood of Vossberg. This one Turkey-day we had most of the soldiers under Papa for dinner. But they came a day or two ahead of time to help cook when they were off duty. Some had lots of […]

Father has a sense of humor

Remember my post about Becoming Humble well one of the lessons I remember from after I became teachable was all about being sealed as a family. The missionaries taught us about the Temple being the House of the Lord and explained how much more sacred it was over the normal church buildings. They told us […]