Merry Christmas

Something that I look forward to when the boys grow up is Christmas morning.

When we were little and up until I moved out of the house, Christmas morning was about stockings and breakfast and the air was filled with cooking Turkey!!! I loved to get my stocking and rummage through it and snack until it was time for breakfast. I remember sitting on the steps in Ft. Meade and Vossberg waiting for Mimi and Papa to get up so that we could have breakfast and then open presents.

We had the big meal around 1 or 2 pm and then it was movies and picking at the food. It was a good day, Mimi always cooked the favorites and we always had someone from Papa’s office over too. Not every Christmas was perfect and we had fights and problems.

One of my favorite memories is the year Rob got home from his mission. He got things from each of our rooms and wrapped them up to give to us for Christmas. Sarah was really upset because he took something of great value. He got 3 things that were David’s and gave them to me and Mike. I think everybody but Sarah laughed over what happened [I hope she can now].


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