Thanksgiving . . . Back Then

This week has brought back a lot of memories.

I remember knowing that Thanksgiving was coming because Mimi started to cook the week before, the house smelled of bread and pies and cookies! My mind tells me that the aroma permeated the house for that week. We would come home from school and in Vossberg the kitchen door would be locked [yes, that is the same door that Rob & I broke].

Mimi would fill up tins [yeah, the Lebkuchen tins] with the cookies and other treats. Oh yeah!!! Sometimes she would bake strudel . . . man whooohhh . . . I am getting hungry for it just talking about it. That is what I think about when I think about Thanksgiving.

Dinner at 1PM, then movies, games, and picking at the banquet that had been spread. I guess, I will have to get out the recipes and start planning for next years Thanksgiving.

sigh . . . food, fun, & family.


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