Father has a sense of humor

Remember my post about Becoming Humble well one of the lessons I remember from after I became teachable was all about being sealed as a family. The missionaries taught us about the Temple being the House of the Lord and explained how much more sacred it was over the normal church buildings. They told us how after being a member for a year or more we could qualify for going to the Temple and be sealed for Time and all Eternity. Well first of all I was not sure at that point I wanted more than just time. I also still had some attitude. Thank goodness Heavenly Father knows me so well that he was willing to work with me anyway. I asked the missionaries about the qualification process. They told me each member will need to have an interview with their bishop and then a second one with their stake president. (A bishop is like the local minister – a lay person who was called to his position by God {he needs to hold another job to support himself and family} – the stake president called likewise is like the bishop (in a Catholic or Lutheran church)they are over several LDS bishops and are also a lay minister in that they also need to support their families and self with gainful employment.

Well those of you who know me well can see what is coming. I piped up with “well then anyone can go to the Temple after the time requirement because they are just men and anyone can tell them anything and get a recommend.”

The missionary truly inspired by Heavenly Father said “Maybe but the Lord doesn’t have to let you enter his home”.

Well this truly was acceptable to me. After all it was a minimum of three hours drive to get there and anything can happen.

I believed I was worthy when we went to the temple. But I was nervous and kept trying to figure out if I really was worthy. We arrived the with no problems even though we were warned that Satan often try’s to interfere. We approached and I already told you about Bobby’s panic over the water. That set the children on edge a bit but all was well till we got up to the automatic doors and they did not open! Well I was shocked and convinced I must have forgotten to repent of some thing and was NOT GOING TO GO IN but Kerry and Billy were encouraging me and then suddenly the doors open when a man in white knocked on the doors. We all got quiet and looked. He then told me it is ok that the doors did not even open for the Temple President that day. Whew! I was still very nervous but we did go in and become a sealed family.

Heavenly Father got me good!

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