Mine Kinder 1

My first Sonshine,William Kerry. I have already told the story of # 2 birth. So here is the story of #1

I was due the day after Christmas. By the 24 I was sure I would spend Christmas in the hospital. Then by the 27th I was convinced that I had a tumor and was dying. He stopped moving and I was so sick and so uncomfortable. The Saturday before he was born I went to the Dr. with Cass; the appointment went fine and he threatened to induce me if nothing happened by Monday.

Cass and I went to the Acme market and I loaded up with tv dinners. Papa said he would not eat till I got home. He even said he would not go to his or my parents to eat. I was worried about him and frustrated. With the cart loaded with frozen food we started for the checkout. Halfway there I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out. Then I felt sick. I gave my basket to a young man stocking shelves and asked him to put away the food that I had to leave. Then Cass drove me home. I slept on the way home. I got up and walked into the house and straight to bed. Hours later when Papa checked on me I was so weak I could not get up but I had to go to the bathroom. He had to help me get there. Then I went back to bed. I was burning up so Papa called my mom and the Dr and I found myself headed for the hospital. I slept on the way there and after I was checked in I remember the Dr telling me he was giving me some medicine to help me sleep so that I could save what little strength I had for delivery. I just laughed because he had to wake me up to tell me that.

The next thing I know the nurse is waking me up to ask me how long was I in labor. I told her I was not pregnant just dying. But after that I was awakened often. First by many hands poking and prodding and asking nonsensical questions. Later by the labor pains. I don’t remember much other than the shock of awakening to the intense pain and feeling angry because I was so out of it and not sure what was happening. Papa still laughs about me threatening his manhood and some other choice things I said.

Papa’s Aunt Eve told me my baby was going to be a boy and born on the 6th (I don’t know why but that spooked me). At 10 minutes to midnight Dr Lee told me if I wanted to I could push hard enough to have it all over on the 5th. I took him at his word and William Kerry Becker was born on the 5th before midnight! He weighed in at 9 lbs and 1 oz (I think); my largest of the six. 15 years later after a hysterectomy my Dr told me that my body did not hold up the next 5 babies the angels did.

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