The Fruit Truck

Yesterday, I was taking Little Man to the store with me and we saw a produce truck. It reminded me of a faint memory of a fruit stand.

When I was around the age of 8, Mimi & Papa took us to Munich, Germany to show us where she lived when her dad [Grandpa Scheib] was in the Army. She told us stories about events that happened, like one of her brothers getting pants filled with earwigs. And another story about a gentleman that sold fruit when she was a child.

Now, wouldn’t you know that same fruit peddler came down the street while we were standing there listening to stories. He was so excited & so was Mimi. I don’t remember if he still sold fruit or if he sold ice cream; however, we did get something for free from his cart.

I remember seeing a tower that had a crazy elevator and the Munich Olympic grounds. I do remember the love that this old German gentleman had for Mimi, it is a shining memory of how wonderful our Mimi is.


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