Never say Never

I was due the next morning to have Bobby. Papa was working night shift. I asked aunt D to come stay with me. She said no way because you are due to have your baby. I reminded her that Billy did not come for two weeks after his due date. Then I told her no one ever delivers on their due date. Well I awoke around 2 am and found Aunt D out on the porch with a friend. I scolded her and told her to go to bed! Then I went to the bathroom. Then I went back to bed. As I sat down on the bed I wet myself. I stood up and wet myself some more. Then I went to the bathroom and sat and wet some more. But I did not think it was urine. So then I put my hands on my belly and some more wetness came. By then I figured it was probably my bag of water around the baby. But to be sure I reached down and felt the fluid that came when I pressed on my belly again. I brought up lots of little pieces of tissue. So I thought well I am not in labor so since Aunt D was asleep I decided to take my time and groom myself to help me feel good about going through the birth process. I shaved my legs and underarms. I washed and deep conditioned my hair. Then I gave myself a facial and dried and curled my hair to get it to be a little straighter and smoother than if I just let it curl on its own. I wore heavy pads because each movement brought more wetness. About a hour before Papa was to get home Aunt D awoke and came looking for me. I was still pampering myself and she got upset. I tried to calm her down and tell her I was not even in Labor yet but she called my Mom and then mom called papa and his mom. Before I was ready I was being taken to the hospital Papa met us there after work. He got there in time for the first labor pains that were not so bad. They had him walk me up and down the hall till I thought I was going to drop Bobby onto the floor! He was born on his due date… the only one of six!

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