Christmas Past, Christmas Present

Family traditions! What makes a tradition the desire to repeat it over and over. When the children were small Papa and I loved candles. We often had lit candles all over the house. On tables and in wall sconces. On Christmas eve after feasting on lasagna we would gather in the living room with tapered candles speared through a paper plate and read the stories of Christ’ birth from the Book of Mormon and the Bible. But after Erlangen I got a lot more cautious about candles. We had a guest one day around thanksgiving time that put a tissue over a lit candle sconce and then dropped the flaming tissue onto the government rug in our government owned apartment. I was shocked at how fast the rug caught on fire and even though we got it out immediately we were left with a big black spot and hole in the center of the living room rug. After that wall sconces were still lit but table sconces were not. Now I don’t even own any wall sconces and the only candles that get lit are in the bathroom occasionally and on the kitchen table. I miss the candles. But even though we have no children on a daily basis here this house is so small that I feel very crowded even without candles to worry about. If a candle was dropped in here now so much is so close I would be afraid about how fast everything would spread. So this Christmas Eve we read the story of Christ’ birth. However we did it in full light. It did not have the same feel. I was disappointed. But then Jean and I were both very sick and we were making it a movie for David (he is in Iraq). This Sunday I want to do it again if possible. But I have a lot of penlight flashlights and plan to have batteries for the grandchildren. A few candles for the adults Lights out and then we can read the stories again. I think the dramatic lighting (and not being sick) really makes the mood that I really missed for such a spiritual evening. We can then exchange gifts that we have not given out yet. I can’t wait for everyone to be here. It has been a long time since the family has been together. We will feel David’s absence. Robyn will join us later in the week for Sarah and Gordon’s wedding so we will miss her Sunday. But everyone else will be here. We will celebrate Adam’s birthday after dinner so we have a very busy Day – Evening ahead.

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