At Papa’s request the missionaries did call. I would say I am not interested and hang up. I don’t have a clue how many times that happened. I did not even feel bad about it. But Papa did. He and I fought over it. Then one morning they called just as he got in from working all night. He answered the phone and made an appointment. Then he let me know about it. I told him I would not be home and then we had another fight. He more or less let me know that I WOULD BE THERE! So I was.
They seemed nice enough, but to be honest I was scared – I kept remembering my mom telling me God would strike me if I went to a Jewish wedding I was once invited to, because it was not HIS CHURCH. Maybe she was teasing me or maybe she believed it I don’t know all I know is what I felt and believed at the time.
There was several appointments and in each one I was there but was trying hard to ignore what they were teaching. I would serve them only coffee (it was in the house only for my parents) or tea – which is what I was drinking. Papa would get them water. I offered them cigarettes; to embarrass Papa and because I was told they don’t smoke. [Did I tell you about my no smoking policy? I will check and if not I will next time] If they talked directly to me I would get up and walk out. I would tell Papa I was going to bed. I did that often because of being pregnant anyway. So much so that it was the one thing I could do that Papa did not fight to hard with me about it. I was rude and obnoxious and was trying to be so that they, God and Papa would know I did not want them there.
For as long as I can remember I would speak to deity whenever I had to work out something or just to bounce some thoughts and feelings out. I always seemed to get an answer and was sure a saint or previous relative was answering me. I often was not very careful about my speech and spoke plainly. Well one day while caring for Billy and Bobby(who was 1-2 months old) I started telling my “deified friend” all about what I have done to get rid of them but they keep coming back. I was getting worried that Papa was sold on what he was hearing and it frightened me. The answer I got was to ask them my QUESTIONS. I got so excited! It was the perfect answer! I can’t tell you how many church leaders I stumped and frustrated with my QUESTIONS. I just knew that would scare them off. So the next time they came I served them ice water and was pleasant enough. They ALWAYS started with prayer not form prayers but they seemed to really talk to HIM. It reminded me of how I felt when I spoke to my Friend but they used fancy bible talk. The lesson was progressing and since I had not been rude yet I guess the one Elder decided he would risk asking me a question. My response was actually I have a question for you. He was surprised and said ok, what is it. I asked him my first question and then he asked if I had others and I said I did. I then asked him two others. He took a deep breath and asked me if I really wanted the answers or was I just trying to give him a hard time. I told him I really wanted my answers. He asked me to say a prayer the way they taught us to pray. I said we already had prayer and he said that I have to admit I have been trying to give them a hard time from the beginning so he would answer me if I would say a prayer. His companion was not happy. He said a chapter and verse from the bible. I asked if that was a code of some sort. The Elder talking to me said no he was just sharing a scripture with him. I asked what it was and the young man quoted the phrase. I got really upset and stood with my arms back my hands fisted and yelled at him you are calling me a pig in my own home!!! The Elder said Sister you know you have been giving us a hard time. But if you will say the prayer I will give you your answers. So I calmed down fast. Then I tried a prayer for the first time with their fancy bible talk. If felt good and I was aware of my deified friends presence while I prayed. Then the Elder said one question at a time and I will answer one question at a time. So I asked, he answered and my DF confirmed he told me the truth. So powerful that I had chills and a burning in my chest. I asked another and the same thing happened. After 3 or 4 questions the companion yelled at me that I can’t just be accepting the answers. I was confused at his anger and said but I am recognizing the truth of it just like they said I would! He sat silently after that until all my questions were asked and answered! I was blown away at how sure I was that they were the only ones that gave me answers that felt right and that my DF confirmed to me that the Elder spoke the truth. The companion never came back. He got transfered. But before long we got baptized Bobby was 2 1/2 months old. We have now been members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for over 30 years and in spite of our weaknesses have never been happier. We have raised 6 great children in the church and they are stronger and closer to the Lord than I feel I could ever be. I am proud of our family and proud to be a member of my Lord and Saviors true church! AMEN!

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