No Smoking!

When I was 13 I had a boyfriend named Jose. Jose and his friend smoked all the time. My friend Nancy and I started to smoke when we started to be their girlfriends. One day Nancy and I were in her bathroom with the fan on and the window open having a cigarette when I said to her I really hate this! She looked at me and started to laugh saying she hated it to. So we decided we were quiting. We did not like the taste, the smell, the hiding, the worry about being caught, etc. The boyfriends tried to talk us back into it but we were united against it. Fast forward to when Papa dated me I never had a clue that he smoked; until our wedding day: BIG FIGHT! I forbade him or his friends to smoke in our house. He was grouchy about it but went along with it. Smoking outside or in the basement or at work. He also could not get a kiss if I could smell it. I really do not like it. Well one day his favorite uncle came to visit and he lit up a pipe. I was ballistic because Papa did not tell him about the no smoking rule. In all fairness I would not tell him either. But that prompted a no smoking sign to be posted on our door from then till about 6 years later.

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