Time and all Eternity

Jean was two weeks old when Papa got to see her. It was love at first sight. He could do no wrong and could always get her to stop crying and even laugh. Papa would play with Jean while I got the boys ready for bed. Then family prayer and then it was Jean’s turn. Bath, dressed and nursed to sleep. She got real used to her daddy time and when Kerry left to go to Kansas she missed her daddy so much that she would cry from 7pm till 9pm every night and no one could comfort her except my dad (grandpa S) sometimes.

While Papa was home on leave we got to go to Church Stake Conference. Kerry received the Melchizedek priesthood and we got our temple recommends to go to the Washington DC Temple to be sealed as a family for time and all Eternity.

I remember being so sure and certain when we were getting married. But to be sealed I was scared to death. We had some rocky years and sometimes divorce looked good. So to be stuck forever was scary. But in the end it is what I really wanted. So we drove down to Maryland the night before (Annadele drove) and stayed with my Aunt Linda overnight. The Moser’s met us at the temple because they were our escorts.
Bobby panicked when we had to pass the water fountain. He was afraid of any falling water; we suspect an unpleasant experience in the shower(?).

Three hours later we were sealed together as a family for ever and ever. The youngest three children would be sealed to us as they were born since they would be born under our covenant with the Lord.

I want to tell you more about this but will need to do so later as I am out of time for now.

Love Mimi

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